31 October 2009

What happens on Sentosa's unnatural shores?

The artificial beach on Sentosa with its imported sand and plastic rocks requires a lot of maintenance.Artificial beach and shore
A recent article reports Sentosa has a beach cleaning machine! Described as a manly lovechild of a tractor and a digger, it was used "to make the sand softer and fluffier" and to clear debris 15cm beneath the surface. Despite this, the journalist reports "the sand didn't feel as angel-dusty as some other beaches overseas".

Among the duties of the lifeguards on the artificial shores are "clearing seaweed and setting traps for spiked critters like rabbitfish, catfish and stonefish"

Then, there was a man who had a catfish stuck in his chest.

The visitor, a student from China said he "was trying to catch the fish for dinner" when he was impaled by one of its spikes at Sentosa's Siloso beach. "I had to yank it out really forcefully," said the manager of Sentosa's Beach Operations department.

The article also recounts the drowning and other dangers on this shore. Full article on the wildsingapore news blog.

And yet, this shore harbours some amazing marine life. Ivan shares what he sees on Siloso Beach on his The Lazy Lizard's Tales blog.

More about Sentosa's shores on the wildsingapore website.

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