14 September 2009

Caseolaris check up with Brandon

Brandon Chia and I decided to squeeze in a quick look at the wild Berembang (Sonneratia caseolaris) growing at Woodlands. Rushing after school and work.
Wow, the trees were still blossoming away!

There are two huge trees of this Critically Endangered species in a remnant mangrove at the edge of Woodlands Park. And they are very VERY tall.
Shooting the tree gives you a serious crick in the neck!
Sharp eyed Brandon points out a fallen flower, with lots of fallen stamens around it. Well done! The insides of the flower are not red, and the stamens are tinged pink at the base!
The stamens of these trees are not as red as the tree at Sungei Buloh. But they have the red narrow petals typical of Berembang. As can be seen on the bud in the top left corner, which looks like it will bloom tonight. There were still lots of buds on the trees ready to bloom.
I realised we are way too early to catch them opening up. We probably have to be there around midnight! But it's a school day, and I've had a very long day at the office today. So we head back as the sunset.

Hopefully we can get a better shot next time.

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