27 July 2009

Seagrasses and TeamSeagrass on YouTube

What are seagrasses and why are they important? Find out on this clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66Y5vgswj20, produced by Seagrass-Watch HQ.

With lots of gorgeous photos of many different kinds of seagrasses throughout the world. It includes many photos of Singapore's seagrasses and our marine life, as well as the outreach and monitoring efforts of TeamSeagrass in Singapore.

You can also download the high res version of this presentation from the Seagrass-Watch website.

From the latest Seagrass-Watch e-bulletin 26 Jul 09 which is packed with latest seagrass news and happenings. Go check it out now!

More about our seagrasses and the TeamSeagrass effort in Singapore.

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